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Blog log out of So-net housing information myblog-nickname management's New page yourself I saw in the last minute just before the end because there was a free ticket that I got to Mr. Is one of the techniques of modern painting, bilder collage, special photos, newspaper, expired cloth in words the meaning of the French "glue", by pasting on the screen in combination with various things of paint other than wire, beads, etc.

In addition, a photo montage, in the works to make by combining by, for example to cut and paste a picture, replaced in part, to double exposure, there is not only a photo, even if also include print and part of the painting.

Photos such as came to be widely used there is a technique to work by bonding century, and animal skins paper or cloth, feathers and, photos from being invented. By creating in a single scene that can not be in fact, characterized by can do to improve and customize the message of, or represent the world surreal. I know that. Starting from cafe circa greitis pažintys synthesized for that were not possible in the photographic technology of the time work of the early days of the photo of the midth bilder century, "Kojima Yanagikaeru It's had been exhibited at the soon as it contains, Ryuua I has been layered as someone else two photos of his wife holding her son and family image " Kojima Yanagikaeru, circa Yanagikaeru.

There bilder was no discomfort at all Then, exhibition corner of work during the avant-garde art movement of the early 20th century.


As the works of the top such as "life", works of modern art flavor that I mean painting or photograph that was on display a lot of work. The last corner, Okeru work in contemporary art.

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Artist printmaker, such as painters, photographers other than have published a work, there and things CG style, transfer to the canvas, also works by offset printing, work of Yayoi Kusama of your familiar exhibition in the "polka dot" had been.

It's the synthesis of cholecalciferol photo far and would come "memories bilder of lizards and pumpkin" Yayoi Kusama ?

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It is a feeling. Unintentionally, long time ago, I remembered it from laughed or write balloon of stupid words into Paste to mount and cut abėcėlė pažintys simboliu o a lot of face photo of a friend.

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All in all, It was in the "photo montage Exhibition collage" you enjoy it or while I though it is composition that while watching the flow that has changed is a method in the digitization and advancement of photo technology, it is not impossible, and I think we are in reality. There also bonus where it is also Christmas color, bilder but Ebisu Garden Place also among good company.

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But, it was very high quality. What is "Baccarat" Tatte Tsu Nantes. I've been thinking about a common saying cafe circa greitis pažintys to much.

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