Just Singles is a fresh approach to dating. Jis užima 44 hektarus ir jame yra beveik 70 kapų, kai kurie labai žinomi, pavyzdžiui, dainininkų Jimo Morrisono, Édith Piaf ir Maria Callas, rašytojų, tokių kaip Honoré de Balzac, Molière ir Oscar Wilde, ar tapytojų, tokių kaip Camille Corot, Delacroix , Modigliani ir Pissarro, be kita ko. The livers keep house in order. I would like to have a detached house in some solitary place, far away from the town's noise, smoke and polluted air.

I was born in on the 21th of February in Kaunas. I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a brother. When I was a child I can't say, that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that. In I started school and now I'm graduating it. I was good at all subjects.

I am fond of school.

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I liked my class. I always felt like at home here. Everybody was so friendly pažintys mansfield uk easy to get a long with.

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I was on good terms with my classmates and we always spend our free time together. I think, that school years maybe remain in my heart forever.

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I want to say a few words about the future. I'm going to take entrance exams and enter KTU. I would like to study Computer Science. My parents are engineers - programmers and I like this profession too.

That's all about myself.

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Services Services aren't important as food, drinks or home, but it's enough important to as. One of them we use more frequently others we don't use. There are many services in my region. There is post near my house. You can use all services that post can offer: to send a postcard, letter or parcel, make postal - order, to buy stamp or postcard.

There are petrols where you can buy gas. Also there are hospital and police station in my region. Police station is one of the unpleasant services. You get there when you commit something bad. If you want to do photos it's no problem, because there are some places there you can make photograph. A Very important service for people's beauty is hairdressing saloon.

But there is only one saloon in my region. Bank is pažintys mansfield uk important for pažintys baseinas savo 40s, which have their own business. Usually they open checking account.

But a lot of firms haven't enough money so they take loans. Diplomatic services are useful, when you are in foreign country or when you want to go there. And garage - service use people who have a car. Here they can check and put right their pažintys mansfield uk.

The most important services are hairdressing, photography, post, and hospital. So all services are very useful. They make our life easier.

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House and home I live in apartment house. I have an apartment in a nine-story building I live on the second floor. The livers keep house in order. There are many trees near my house. My house was built in The number of my flat is I live in the two rooms flat.

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The area of my flat is about 60 square meters. There is a balcony in my flat. I have a fine view from the balcony and windows. I have two bed-sitting rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a corridor and kitchen.

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There are bookcases, wardrobes, beds, tables in the bed-sitting rooms. My walls are papered. On the floor there are carpets. I have all amenities hot and cold water, gas, electric light, central heating, lift.


In the kitchen there is gas cooker. There are gas meter, electric meter and water meter. I would like to have a detached house in some solitary place, far away from the town's noise, smoke and polluted air. Sure it'll be a two-stored house with a big yard and garden.

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Flora Lithuania's flora is rich and varied, because of its geographical position and climatic peculiarities, but we can't boast that it's peculiar to it alone. We have typical northern plants such as conifers, deciduous trees. Forests cover one fourth of its territory. Nowadays more woods are cut down than replanted.

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We have lots of spruce, birch and alder woods as well. It's a pity such trees as oaks, ashes and limes are decreasing, because they were used as timber. Now we can hardly find oak, ash or lime woods. The preservation and restoration of forest hasn't been given great attention.

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Every year hectares of forest are planted, but more hectares are felled. Timber is still the chief article of export. Some trees are remarkable as natural rarities. In East Lithuania at Stelmuze grows an old oak, that pažintys mansfield uk to botanists, about 1,5 thousand years old. Forests cover one half of the territory in east and South Lithuania.

The Varena-Druskininkai forests spread on area of thousands square km. These forests abound in mushrooms, berries and beasts. The Rudininkai forest remind as of historical events. The rebels of and against the Russian czar found refuge in it. The Cepkeliai swamp, covering ha is the largest in Lithuania. Broad and beautiful pažintys mansfield uk the Labanoras, Kazlu Ruda and other forests. Fauna The Lithuanian forests have inspired many poets, writers and composers.

They devoted their works to the charm of woods. The fauna has no particular species peculiar to it alone. There are various species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. For various reasons many kinds or them became extinct. This fate befell aurochs, bisons, bears, etc. All forests can boast of the giant of woods - the antlered elk.

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Elk meat is exported abroad. Deer are less common. Roe and hares are abundant everywhere. Wild hogs, foxes, squirrels, martens are rather numerous. The number of wolves has shrunk. The beaver was entirely exterminated, but now it has been pažintys mansfield uk.

Their houses are frequent on the banks of many rivers. New species of animals such as punctate deer, minks have been acclimatized.

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They feel quit at home and bear offspring. We have species of birds. In forests we can hear voices of woodpeckers, cuckoos, owls, hawks and others. In rivers, lakes and swamps are various species of ducks, geese, and swans, where they hatch their young.

In Neringa there is a transwomen pažinčių transmen of grey herons, rare birds. There are about 50 species of fish in Lithuania. We can't boast that abound in our lakes and rivers.