We therefore recommend that you also inform yourself as to the respective Privacy Policies of other websites. Such an evaluation is carried out in particular also for non-logged-in users for the presentation of needs-based advertising and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website.

By visiting the Website, the Company or the — service providers authorized by the Company use different technologies for storing data in order to make the use of the Website more convenient and secure, and to make the services offered more relevant.

Taikant bet kokį PVM tarifą sandoriams, atsiras atvejų, kai mokėtina suma apims mokėjimui naudojamo mažiausio piniginio vieneto dalį, išskyrus atvejus, kai galimų tarifų ir kainų pasirinkimas yra dirbtinai apribotas 2. Tokiais atvejais būtinas apvalinimas.

This Cookie Policy is prepared in order to allow Visitors to learn more about the technologies used on the Website and how the Company uses them. They allow to customize the Website for your needs, as well as facilitate browsing and use of our Website. Cookies — what are they?

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Cookies are small files up to several kB that your web browser places on your computer, tablet, or other smart device when visiting our Website. Skaičius dating website vartotojams are common practice of web browsing, which facilitates the use of the website. They allow the Website to store data such as: login data IP address of the connecting device, login time, the city from which the connection is made ; type of browser; demographic data group of age, gender ; data on how you browse the Website sections which you are visiting, services which you are interested in.

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We can, without violating the law, combine the information obtained through the use of cookies with the information received about you by other means, e. All cookies used by us, except the essential cookies, may only be used with your consent.

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We would like to draw your attention that the essential cookies are a condition of using the Website. If you opt out of these cookies, we cannot be aware skaičius dating website vartotojams how and even whether our Website will function. We provide you with the list of the main cookies we use on the Website, by type, data collected, and expiration date below.

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Cookies used on the Website by the Company Essential cookies These cookies on the Website are indispensable for pažintys nambu pistoletai to browse and use functions of the Website, e. It would not be possible to provide you with certain services of the Website without these cookies, the Website would not function or would function less smoothly than it should.

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Cookies used by third-parties Third-parties advertising cookies — some of the ads that you see on the Website are posted by other entities. Some of these entities use their own cookies to analyze how many people saw a particular ad or how many people saw it more than once.

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Companies creating such cookies apply their own privacy policies and we have no influence on the creation or storage of such cookies. We encourage you to review the privacy or cookie policies of these companies, which are posted on their webpages.

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Other third-parties cookies — other entities for instance, social network managers may also use their own anonymous cookies on some pages of the Website to tailor their applications or programs to your needs. Due to the specificity of the cookies operation, our Website does not have access to the information that is transmitted by these cookies, as well as other entities do not have access to the information collected by our cookies.

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The most important third-parties cookies used on the Website: Advertising cookies.